Hello there –
I’m Fiona Verdouw.

Surprise, surprise: I'm another one of those people who grew up loving to draw and who dreamed of being an artist.

At school, art teachers appreciated me, because I was genuinely interested in their subject, while at home, my parents encouraged me, because art kept me from talking for hours at a time.

I ended up studying graphic design, but – like a puppy watching you eat a fried-egg sandwich – art was always right there, making sure I paid it some attention.  

So I did. I dabbled for years; moving from drawing into printmaking – with a brief side-trip into sculpture – until I discovered the appeal of oil painting.

Perhaps my years of design – with it's emphasis on the importance of detail – have shaped the way I notice and view the little things in life. 

There is something so appealing about taking the humble things I find around me, bringing them into the foreground, and reconnecting them with an audience.

When painting these often familiar, but overlooked items from life, I am absorbed in a world of colour, shapes, light and shadow – until one of my sons enters the room and wonders aloud, 'Is there anything to eat?'

As well as painting and graphic design, I love to spend time exploring Australia – particularly my beautiful home state of Tasmania – with my husband and our boys. I also quite like reading a good book with a fried-egg sandwich (and watchful puppy) at the ready. But mostly, I enjoy painting.


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