Why being grounded is good. (And a new painting).

I don’t want to discourage you in your attempts to look up and gaze out at your world, but today I’m asking you to look down.

That’s enough appreciation of the clouds and the birds and the trees and the birds in the trees on a cloudy day. What about taking a moment to appreciate the more earthy things of life? The stuff we literally trample over with barely a second thought - unless it manages to trip us up and sprain our ankles.

If you have a chance to get out beyond the asphalt, concrete and bitumen in the week ahead, let your eyes wander below knee height.

And if you don’t mind looking suspiciously like someone relieving themselves in public, squat down and take a closer look. There’s a legion of loveliness in leaf litter, I’ve discovered.

What I particularly love is when the usual greys and browns of earth and bark are punctuated with the colour of a freshly fallen leaf or blossom. The deep tones of the older leaf litter form the perfect backdrop to highlight their loveliness for just a short while longer - before they too, fade and tarnish to make way for the next bright gems that fall from the canopy above.

At this time of year (Spring for me) it’s exciting to see the new leaf buds sprouting on the trees inside my garden, but I think the real beauty – the rich colour and individuality – is found by looking down at those older gifts of nature: The leaves that have lived a little. Those that have weathered a storm or two and have the scars to prove it.

Maybe it’s the imminent arrival of my 43rd birthday talking, but I think the same rule applies to people too.

Gone to Ground – 24 x 24” | 61 x 61cm - Original oil painting on panel - AVAILABLE

Happy tramping and keep an eye out!

Until next time –