Let’s put the
Extra into Ordinary

painting life's familiar things, to create art you can truly relate to ANd connect with.


So, you'd like a piece or two of original art that doesn't just decorate your space, but which says a little something about who you are. Maybe not in the deep thinking, philosophical, bare-your-soul kind of way, but which reflect something of the people, places and things you hold dear.

Enter the world of the overlooked and ordinary. (The minutiae of life – if you're feeling fancy.)

Never mind that they seem run-of-the-mill, unremarkable and spectacularly average; familiar items and the sentiment they evoke say something about who we are. 

Those best-loved sand-shoes, your child's first bath toy, that tree you always climbed as a kid, the iron that rarely seemed to leave your mother's hand... Can you feel the stirrings of personal connection tickling your synapses?

These are the primary subjects of my paintings: Small snippets of everyday life from the built and natural environment, in art that you and the people you invite into your zone can understand and relate to.

Paintings that create moments of recognition right there on your wall.

That's how you put the Extra into Ordinary.


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