Carve it Up

Carve it Up


Pumpkin is a vegetable for creating memories... Jack-o-lanterns, hot soup on cold winter days, gardening competitions, or failed attempts to replicate your grandma's pie.

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SIZE: 20cm x 25cm / 8" x 10" unframed
MEDIUM: Painted with artists-quality oil paints on canvas.
AUTHENTICITY: Each painting purchased is signed by Fiona Verdouw (that's me!) and comes with its own provenance report; outlining its life from inspiration to completion dates, exhibitions entered and any prizes won.
FINISH: Varnished with artists' quality retouch varnish. A final varnish in 12 months time is recommended for best protection.
FRAME: This has been painted on pre-stretched canvas with the sides painted.
It has been fitted with quality D-hooks and wire, ready-to-hang as is.
PRICE: Excludes taxes, shipping and handling costs.


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