Use, but don't Abuse


All words and images on this site are my own views, but are yours to use as you require - for the benefit and up-building of others.

There's enough complications in life without having a hernia about people using or copying my work.

I'm really happy that you like my work enough to want to reproduce it. So please, go ahead! I just ask you to have the goodwill to credit me as the artist when you do. That's just good manners, isn't it?

If you'd like higher resolution images of my paintings, please CONTACT ME.

I will need to charge a fee for providing you with this, but it's better for everyone if the artwork looks it's best, don't you think?

If you're wanting to reproduce a painting because you love it to bits but it's not at a size that suits you, or it has been sold already, please DEFINITELY CONTACT ME.

I am more than happy to repaint an image as it was, or to a preferred size. Each time an image is painted, it takes on a life of its own and the end results, though similar to the first painting, will always be an original.