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Oil Paintings
that celebrate the
Ordinary Things
of Life.


I'm Fiona Verdouw


...and I really love to paint.

Since childhood, I've enjoyed creating in one way or another; moving from drawing into printmaking – even dabbling in sculpture – until I discovered the appeal of oil painting.

It's not just the fun of squeezing fat dobs of paint out onto my palette, or mixing up endless arrays of colour – it's that certain level of concentration required to keenly observe something... It's form and texture, the way the light falls on it, the shape of the shadows that are cast on the surfaces around it.

I relish these times of being lost in a world of my own creation - until one of my sons wonders aloud,
'Is there anything to eat?'

When I'm not painting I do graphic design, and when I'm not working, I love to spend time exploring all the beautiful places that Tasmania has to offer with my husband and our boys. I also quite like reading a good book with a fried-egg sandwich at the ready. But mostly, I enjoy painting.


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About My Paintings

It's not everyday you see the ordinary things of life placed side by side to vie for your attention. Usually, they're overlooked and taken for granted - even as we use them each day.

Have you ever pondered the usefulness of a rubber band? Or the clever design of a ring-pull lid on a can of tuna? Who can fail to be impressed by the simple pragmatism of a carton of milk? Or the beauty of a piece of fruit?

Sometimes an object is made special by the stories which surround it: A favourite pair of shoes, your child's first teddy, your grandfather's hat and reading glasses.

These are the primary subjects of my paintings. I like to take the humble things I find around me, and bring them into the foreground. To reconnect people with these often familiar, but unexplored items from life.

Perhaps you have a special object that you'd like to see captured in oils? Contact me about commissioning your own piece of extra-ordinary original art.



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Optional Extras...



Love the art, but hold a secret dislike for visiting frame-makers?

Perhaps you'd like to consider purchasing your piece in its very own gallery-style frame.

From as little as $25 extra, I will frame your art for you, so it is ready-to-hang or be proudly placed upon a shelf for the admiration of many.

I make my frames out of Tasmanian Oak timber, with a painted pine base as a support for the artwork. The frames are simple and elegant with a 3mm shadow-line to really make your painting stand out well.

Each frame comes with D-Hooks and wire in place, ready to hang on your wall.

Simply select the framing option when purchasing your painting in my online shop.

Your work arrived all safe and sound and it is fantastic! They are really lovely pieces, the colours are so much more vibrant in the flesh.

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